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Final Fantasy Pro Gamer Caught Using Steroids- Should He Be Banned?

Posted on 18 March, 2015  in Blog

Recently at a national Final Fantasy tournament, the winner was discovered doing steroids in the bathroom. Since there were no rules against this, he went on to win the competition and take home the $50,000 of prize money. We wanted to let everyone here know how we feel about this. We are NOT for the use of steroids and here is why.

Steroids are naturally produced substances within the body of human beings that help in body building and muscle growth. For instance, testosterone is a naturally occurring steroid present in males and is responsible for development of male traits like deeper voice and facial hair besides promoting muscle building. Athletes often use synthetic steroids, man-made products to boost performance. Steroid are addictive and prolonged use might impact detrimental health effects.

How Do They Work?

Steroids works to build muscles besides helping an athlete’s recover faster from hard workouts by reducing the muscle damage that results during training sessions. This allows for frequent, harder work out without exhaustion. The products also works to give an aggressive feeling that some athletes consider ideal in boosting their activities.

What are the negative effects of steroid use?

Athletes inject or orally introduce steroid into their bodies. Typically, steroids shall boost an athlete performance but the future effects are detrimental. These products affects an individual health and might impact lasting consequences. Steroids are addictive and the prolonged use might result into;

Why high school athletes should use muscle supplements as a steroid alternative?

During adolescence body features begins to change allowing for adulthood transition. This allows for growth and development of unique body features that prepare for the next stage. The body produces enough steroids like testosterone to facilitate this transition. Use of synthetic steroids among adolescent shall accelerate puberty changes and premature skeletal maturation some features might never be maximally exploited. For instance, if the steroid use supersedes the usual adolescent growth spurt an individual might never reach the expected height. Needless to say, steroids are a very controversial topic.

On the other side, muscle supplements are all natural products boost the body energy requirement. The dietary products are rich in various nutrients crucial in boosting the body energy besides boosting work out stamina. They achieve this by boosting the body metabolism, a crucial process in maintaining a healthy body. Muscle supplements are ideal products for boosting an athletic performance since they impact hardly any negative effect to users. Read more about this here,

When properly used, muscles supplements shall effectively boost performance without causing any negative healthy effect. The nutritious products are ideal for most people use including adolescents as they work naturally to achieve and are less addictive. Therefore, steroids affects the general body health negatively and should not be used by either adolescent or adults.


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